Cost of Living Calculators

A guide for considering cost of living as you research your next great position. If you are possibly relocating for a job opportunity, this can be a great way to create goals for a position or an offer.

An Important Piece of Relocation

If you are considering relocating for a new position, you should probably spend some time researching cost of living. While perhaps not the most fun aspect of a new job, it is very important. A cost of living difference can affect your day to day life in a relocated position. It should also be a factor as you consider taking a relocated position and weigh the offer you receive.

Two great resources include’s cost of living calculator and’s cost of living calculator. Plug in the city in which you currently live, the city you are moving to, and your current income. Then, the calculator can give you an estimate of what you need to earn in your potential new city in order to maintain your current standard of living.

1. For Example:

Say you are moving from Raleigh, NC to Harrisonburg, VA. While only a state away, the cost of living is 7.07% higher in Harrisonburg.

This means if you made an income of $50,000 in Raleigh, you would need to make over $3,500 more per year to maintain your same standard of living in Harrisonburg.

These calculators also detail expenditure increase for food, housing, and other expenditures. Try to think about what you spend in these areas now and what you plan to spend after a relocation. You should consider all of these factors as you apply for a relocated position.

Here To Help

While this may seem intimidating, we are always here to help walk you through the hiring process. This is perhaps the best part of working with a recruiter. The Invoke team can help you not only find a position, but consider relocation if need be, and stage an offer. Check out our current positions today or get in touch and let us know how we can help you find your next great opportunity.